Sunday, August 16, 2009

a Mortemousque weekend-Congratulations Luc!

Luc, Pierre and Kelly Mortemousque were in Atlanta this weekend so that Luc could play in a tennis tournament. They came over for dinner on Saturday night.
Esther, Luc and Robert.Pierre and the ladies.Luc played early on Sunday morning and won. We left church early to catch the final match at 11:45.
Kelly chats with some tennis fans while CC climbs. Cool action shot.Rob, Robert and Pierre.More action.Esther and Robert take it all in. Did you know that you must always were pearls to watch tennis?Luc won his final match and took home a huge 1st place trophy. Way to go Luc!
We joined them for a quick post-match lunch. Luc and his proud godfather.

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