Thursday, August 20, 2009

Journey to Maine: Part 6

This Maine vacation was the funnest and most restful I have had in years. Look how Anna hoists my baby! I love this photo.
Did I mention that we ate a lot of corn?
Clean cousins.
I have always loved the Davis porch. Here Connor, CC, Esther and Rebecca gather.
Flowers at the cottage on Vera's Way.

The boys play in the back yard.Grampy steals a golden moment with grandchild #4.
Jen Remick and Jen Hague in the same golden light.Pete, Hannah and Mason Wiese came for a visit. Here, Hannah holds CC.
Mason, outside our cottage.

What a dreamy kid!
Pete and Hannah, near the ocean.

Short sands on a great (packed) beach day.

The Wieses say goodbye!

After a good project. . .

Megan and Little Mama, a.k.a. sisters.

The view from our front porch. . .

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