Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Journey to Maine: Part 4

Eureka! I discovered some photos that I thought had gone missing.Megan (girlfriend of JP and friend of mine) and JP lounge with Jeter (black dog on Megan's shoulder) and Dickens (other dog).We stayed with JP at Westover school in Middlebury, Connecticut on the way to Maine and on the way back to Georgia. Westover is idyllic. See below.

Robert plays soccer on the huge green lawn.Esther runs on said lawn. Rob took these photos of the kids. nice, honey!Yes, it really is that beautiful there.Rob and Esther in deep left background, Robert and ball in deep right background.Girls on lawn. Sigh.3 1/2 hours after leaving CT, we ended our journey to Maine at the Remick farm. They invited us for dinner and we happily stayed. In fact, we ate dinner every night with the Remick family for about 2 weeks straight (minus 1 or 2 nights). Thank you for spending so much time with us on our vacation. Now, will you move to Georgia? Really, what kind of crazy people live in Maine in the wintertime? :)
Esther on a beautiful tree swing at the farm.Rob and CC under another tree.After a while, Jen Remick broke out the sidewalk paint.It all started innocently enough. . . Then it became body paint.

The rest is history.
Robert stayed busy shooting hoops. No mess. Later, I visited the pigs. Yep, it's a farm.

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