Friday, August 14, 2009

I am training for the Ikea Olympics

Always re-arranging and looking for ways to fit a craft space into our teensy house, I hit Ikea with mommy furor last week.
I took all three kids. Dropped oldest two at Smaland. Dragged CC through the 2nd floor to determine my exact worktop needs. Jetted downstairs armed with aisle and bin numbers. First stop, home organization. Second stop, self-serve section to obtain 78" tabletop and legs. At this point, an Ikea employee suggested that I get a hand truck. He navigated the hand truck to the checkouts while I pushed the cart (and CC). Upon completion of payment, I remembered the stools (that I had forgotten). whoops. The Ikea checkout lady watched CC while I scrambled to get 3 stools. Separate purchase of stools, CC never even cried while I was gone. At this point, I had to consolidate all of my purchases onto the hand truck. This is the glory moment. I pulled the hand truck behind me all the way to the van while balancing CC on my hip. I put her in her carseat while loading the van. Remember the 78" table top? It fit! Ha! Once everything was packed in tight I got in the van and drove away. Just kidding, my beeper from Smaland went off signaling that Robert and Esther's time there was up. I picked them up, took everybody upstairs and had lunch- kids ate free that day.
Once they were full, I brought everybody home and got them into "room time." While they were in their rooms, I assembled all of the furniture I had just bought and re-arranged the playroom to accomodate it. And now, ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the craft space:What the playroom looks like now:
Later that day, an Ikea employee called from Sweden asking if I would like to compete in the 30-40 year female events in the upcoming Ikea Olympics. I am still considering. . .


  1. Very cool La! I really like that the table is in front of the window, helps declutter the mind. I would like to see you do a post about the Burlington store, if you are still doing it. I just started the Miller store and it has been very successful so far!!

  2. I just went to IKEA for the first time yesterday, so I only now fully comprehend what a feat it was for you on your craft space mission. Also, any interest in flying north to help me assemble my new apartment furniture? My best friend and I got through the TV stand, coffee and side tables yesterday afternoon. She commented in the middle of it all that there should be a competition to see who could assemble IKEA furniture the fastest....


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