Monday, August 10, 2009

Journey to Maine: Part 5

Did I mention that the Remick farm is beautiful?
I love this photo. It shows the hayfield at the farm with Dan driving the tractor in the deep background. This is a shot of the cupola on top of the barn.I really like these detailed shots taken in Dan's workshop.
The tractor, with improvised shade, the farmhouse is directly behind the tractor.

The barn and a beautiful cloud.
Henry the cow.I am not crazy about this photo, but it shows the ancient ladders housed one level ABOVE the hayloft in the barn. I climbed two old rickety ladders to find. . . more old ladders.Anna models our ingenius and successful schedule. She penned it by hand after she, Stephie and I came up with the plan. Really, the schedule made this vacation much easier. More about that and CAMP MAINE later.

Rob, Stephie and Jen at dinner.
Anna, JP, and Dan. I don't know how Esther got wet.
Dan and Robert on the ATV.

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  1. Great pics. My girlfriend grew up on a farm, it was beautiful when I visited.


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