Wednesday, September 9, 2009

potty talk quotes and more

"Well, mom, aliens have alien goop that comes out of them. Alien poop is red and it smells like cherries!"-Esther.
"Yum!"- Robert
"No Robert- you can't eat it because all people in the whole earth are allergic to it. Aliens have blood that is grey. Well, grey and blue and it smells disgusting like DI-A-REE-UH!!"

"Mom, God follows us everywhere in the moon right? And the moon goes everywhere with you no matter what car you are driving in."- Esther
"Well, Esther, God is everywhere."-me
"Oh, so God is in toilets. . . and even in the pipes?"(giggles)- Esther

"That's what it looks like in my head. I can see it in my head. Boy, I wish I could get inside of my head and look at it!"- Robert

"Gum! Down! Uh-oh! Crackee! Gum!! Ball! Mama! Gum! Gum! Gum! Daddeee!"- CC

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