Thursday, September 24, 2009

a mom's numerical reflection

Number of children I took to Target this morning: 3.
Highest number of kids in time-out in Target at the same time: 2.
My parents came over for our Thursday date (weekly). We all played and hung out until Robert couldn't take anymore and coughed until it made him sick.
Days Robert has had the flu: 4
Highest fever: 103'
Number of people who took him to the pediatrician: 2 (Papaw and me).
Amount of Tami-flu available (even with a prescription): 0
Dosage of acetominophen for 7 year old: 2 (tsp.)
Number of times that Esther slowed down and got really quiet today: 0

Time to leave the house for the Irving Berlin revue: 6:30pm
Number of girls we brought with us to childcare: 2.
Amount of tickets my parents bought for the evening's event: 4
Amount of tickets used: 1.
Memorable musical moments spent reflecting on Berlin's amazing career and talent: infinite
Amount of talent in the room tonight: infinite.
My gratitude for the extraordinary in the midst of the tough stuff of life: growing quickly.
Score of the football game my son and husband are watching right now: 3 to 16.
good night.
Hopeful amount of hours of sleep I will get tonight: 8.

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