Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Letter hunt

CC, Esther and I met up with our friends Beth, Paul and Jack Frilingos and Erin, Baikal and Rybolt Miller last Wednesday. Beth suggested that we all go for a "Letter hunt." We brought our cameras and snacks to Piedmont Park to do just that.
Zs proved elusive until we noticed some on Rybolt's shirt. I found this W. :)
A tree 'v'.
Paul discovered 'U' on his own shirt.
Esther found this 'N' and took many of the following photos upon discovering letters all around.

Snack time. Major kudos to Erin who brought enough snacks for an army and which mostly ended up feeding my army.
Paul, Esther, Rybolt and Baikal on a two-sided swing.
An F.

Beth and Paul investigate a sign for letters.
Esther's 'C'.
Beth brought some great alphabet-themed books which she read to an attentive audience.

Clever Baikal finds an 'x' in the bathroom.
Aha- an 'r'!
Thanks Beth, Erin and chitlins for a fun and educational morning!

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