Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Day 39- boon- n. a thing that is helpful or beneficial. synonyms: blessing, godsend

Indeed.  Our collective family nose led us to the mountains last weekend to deliver the oldest to Valle Crucis retreat center.  He spent the weekend at a choir school retreat there.  Esther stayed in Davidson to party with her friends.  CC, Rob and I reached Willow Wood  , home of Parlee and Don Chambers late Friday night.  By 11pm with red wine in hand, we were gazing at the stars and breathing in the (much cooler) mountain air from their lofty porch.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.  The Charlotte heat this summer is the stuff of legends.  I DESPISE the heat.  My northern European constitution simply melts in the face of 90'+ days.  The air in Boone began to revive me and  I slept like a baby all night.

In the morning I had time to drink in the the beauty of the porch.  Parlee, master of detail, had set up her studio outside.

After a little coffee and bacon, we visited the Watauga Farmer's Market.  The place was hopping with flowers, music, tomatoes and more flowers.

Sadly, the coffee shop we love in Blowing Rock is down from a fire.
Adjacent to the market grounds is a living museum comprised of several historic cabins that have been
moved to the site.  This cabin housed 12 children.  And their parents.

Museum garden.

More market flowers.  I think I might plant a cutting garden in the spring.
Next we drove into Boone for candy at The Mast General Store.  No self-respecting Burlington can miss a chance for candy.

Sugar is pretty.

Back at the cabin I felt the urge to get out and walk.  The mountain air worked wonders.

Their cabin is in a small enclave of Alpine style homes.
While I was away, CC got to flex her creative muscles with Parlee.

Lunch on the deck bed.

all done.

And then we had to go home.  Thank you Don and Parlee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S.  Charlotte folks- Willow Wood is available to rent.  See details here.  Their place is beautiful!

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