Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Day 36- a teacher, a pool and chickens, oh my!

Summer is winding down.  I have enjoyed summer this year more than ever.  The kids are getting older, we are more settled in here in NC, and summer brings great produce.  We have had a couple of last minute adventures, including more quality time with chickens. :)

It turns out that CC's extraordinary JK and 2nd grade teacher, Jeanette Milam, has a dad who loves to garden and keep chickens.  Her family invited us for a visit last week and I got to see the beautiful hens up close and personal.

No pre-fab ordinary coop for these ladies.  Ms. Milam's dad, Steve Coradini, designed and built this hen palace.

In or out of the coop, these hens have a lovely life!
It turns out that the Coradinis also have a pool!  CC and Esther took a nice dip.  Hello handstand!

Nobody wanted to go home!  Esther and CC had a great time with team Milam.  Thanks Jeanette and Blake!

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