Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Day 38- Feed the children and the parents.

It's the first day of school in our little family and I have a confession:  I stink at planning meals.  I think about food obsessively when I am hungry, I eat, and then I don't think about food until I get hungry again.  Weird thing about kids:  they are always hungry.  They keep eating.  They never stop having to eat.  But sometimes it creeps up on me- the kids are hungry.  The kids need dinner.  The kids require breakfast.  We need to eat three times a day (and more), every day, no matter what and yet meals often catch me off guard.

But oh dear readers- the beginning of a school year is replete with opportunity for new beginnings. New routines, new teachers and new knowledge come with a new school year.  Maybe just maybe there is room for mom to learn to do something new!  I can try.

Look everyone at Trader Joe's!  This is my shopping list.  On the reverse side is my meal plan for the week.

In all fairness to myself, I have planned meals in the past.  However, the beginning of school seems the perfect time to double down and start with a plan.  I compiled a week of recipes, I drove to Trader Joe's.  I hunted and gathered.  I drove home.  

burrito ingredients.

Cleverly included in my shopping list were the ingredients for breakfast burritos.  I discovered that I love the flavor and idea of the breakfast burrito circa 2001.  15 years later I have followed the whim to make and freeze my own.  THANK YOU PINTEREST FOR MAKING MY DREAMS A REALITY.

the first few.  I wasn't great at rolling but I got better.

Like little children all lined up in a bed.  Burrito babies.  10 of them.  ready to freeze.

Told ya.  All they do is eat.

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  1. What a great idea to make breakfast burritos! So much healthier than sugary cereal! Keep up the good work and ideas!😉 LM


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