Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring? We are trying. . . .

Despite our FOURTH SNOW (a flurry 2 days ago) this winter, we are starting to feel a little breath of spring on Winburn Drive.

For instance, I found this leprechaun stealing some gold from our playroom on St. Patty's. Gloria helped us make an Easter egg tree-

And our daphne has bloomed. Have you ever smelled the blossom on this plant? Fresh luscious lemony fabuliciousness! We have placed it throughout the house to make every corner delicious. :)

Here is a great shot of the new shelves in my kitchen expertly installed by Team Haynes. Thanks mom and dad!

Speaking of mom and dad, their house is greatly underway! We visited it on Saturday.
At the front door-
Inside, downstairs.
From the front-

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