Wednesday, March 3, 2010

An Art Party for Esther's 5th Birthday

An art party! We started around our dining room table that I had transformed into a colorwheel. Of course! Each child got to make a bracelet out of candy strung onto licorice. We made a rule, if it falls off or breaks, you have to eat it.
Piper and her bracelet in the works.
Esther models hers.

Elise and Esther, lifelong friends.Hanging with Papaw.
Next up, painting on canvasses outside.
Things got a little messy. No worries, I bought washable paint. :)
Scott and Rob look on while the young artists work.

Gloria makes a statement by leaving her canvas blank. OOOOOh.
Back inside, we decorated birthday cupcakes with yet MORE CANDY.
I thought the table looked really pretty all covered with a spectrum of artificial colors.
Emma is very proud of her cupcake.

Like the paint chips in the middle?
Somebody got an umbrella to match her raincoat and boots.

Thanks friends and family for a fun party!

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