Thursday, October 1, 2009

off to Kanuga

The Burlingtons are off to Kanuga Episcopal Center in North Carolina for the weekend. Our first non-working parish retreat should be fun! A couple of quotes to brighten your Friday:

Me, "Look Esther and Robert at that chimney. It has something old on it that looks like a bunch of metal sticks put together. That's called a TV antenna. It's how people a long time ago used to watch TV."
Esther, "Oh, so is that how Jesus watched TV?"

Esther, "Okay people, here is rule of life number 29. Listen up. Always bring your brother or your sister a spoon to eat their couscous with if you are having couscous for dinner."

Robert, to Esther, "Esther, at Kanuga you walk to church to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. And all your friends are there."

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  1. I absolutely love those quotes, and your children always make me smile when I see them. Kanuga was great!
    Ann Stuart


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