Thursday, October 15, 2009

Girls, mom is going to lie down for a while. . . don't wake me up.

I've been under the weather for a few days now. A stomach bug was not what I had in mind for this week. As a result, Esther, CC and I have spent a LOT of time at home. They have been rockstar kids! Maybe my mom is right, i.e. it's okay not to do something fantabulous every day with you kids. They just value being around you. Well, girls, you have been around me a lot. I have just been asleep a lot of the time!

Latest quotes:
"Mom, how does Bono make his voice so rockin'?"- Robert
"Mommy, baby come car in?"- CC (1st sentence!)
"Juice, gummy? Juice, cookie, crackee, baby, mommy!"- more CCisms
(Sung at a mind-blowing volume in the van)" God is here and everywhere and EVERYWHERE and God is Christ in Christ and GOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDD. And even when you breathe God goes into your nose and God is everyWHERRREEEE!!!!"- Esther
"Mommy, you can do it. Just remember, no matter there's a will there's a way!"- Esther

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