Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dearest U2-

Welcome to Atlanta.
Tonight is the 360 concert at the Georgia Dome and I will be there with my sister, Gloria, my U2 soulmate. She is my only sibling.But you are the brothers I never had. You saw me through adolescence with An Unforgettable Fire and The Joshua tree. Thank you for standing for something and telling about it in your music. At the time, there were not many articulate and truthful (and beautiful) voices in my universe. You came in loud and clear through my Walkman singing MLK and Running to Stand Still as lullabyes to me at night. Now I sing them to my children.
You came in loud and clear in college when I took up running at night to de-stress. How did you know about my Wild Horses?
You came in loud and clear to my parish when we staged U2 Eucharists as an alternative to traditional worship. You didn't know? Read about it here:
I feel so excited about the concert tonight I can hardly stand it. I can't wait to see you in person and gain insight into my own life through the live experience of your honesty, artistry and relevance. Thank you in advance.

With deep affection and admiration,

Laurie Haynes Burlington

p.s. wanna have a drink later?

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