Thursday, May 21, 2009

Robert's last day of school and music class

Unbelievably, Robert has already sailed through one year at Hirsch Academy. He has excelled academically and socially. We are soooo very proud.
Robert and Cat, his creative head teacher. Robert with members of his class- Grace, Legend and Dino. With OT, Gudny.
Robert with assistant teacher Tracy and her daughter, Amelia.
With another class teacher, Susan.
Hirsch has been a perfect fit for Robert this year. I am extremely thankful to the teachers and staff there who are consumed with a mission: to help these kids develop skills to learn and deal with the world around them. Kudos!!
We attended an afternoon Music Class today so that Robert could join us. Rob showed up too!
Esther, Ava and River roll the ball.
CC never stopped moving.
Playing instruments.

Lullaby time.

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