Thursday, May 28, 2009

Camp Tennessee- Part 2

A day at Camp Tennessee usually began with a nature walk. But first, a quick game of checkers.

Noisy geese.

Daisies a plenty- by the side of the road

Lovely sky.

go kids go!

A funny red plant spotted on our walk.
Douglas Lake, by Robert
Daisy, by Esther.
Honeysuckle vine, by Robert. For dinner we made pizza and had watermelon. Delish.
Camp wouldn't be camp without S'MORES!!!!
We planned to roast marshmallows over the grill until something flew out when I opened it!! Check out this beautiful nest!!

Close up of the nest- do you see the little baby birds with bulging eyes?We microwaved the marshmallows instead. Try it some time. The marshmallows puff up until the microwave shuts off. We laughed our heads off. And they were delicious.

Everyone clean and ready for bed after Day 1 of Camp Tennessee.
Robert looks out over the lake from an upstairs window.

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