Sunday, May 31, 2009

Camp Tennessee- Part 4

We spent a day at Camp Tennessee revisiting the past. It was Memorial Day after all.
42 years later, here is the church were my parents got by Robertphoto by EstherThe small cemetery behind the church.Next, we visited the original church cemetery, just across the road. I had not been there in at least 10 years.

The family plot of my paternal great-grandmother.My daughter perched on the family marker of her great-great grandmother.The grave marker of my great grandmother, Emma Groves Smith.Grave marker of my great great grandfather, Robert John Groves. I had NO IDEA his name was Robert!!The grave marker of my great great grandmother, Mary Eliza Groves.Esther took to decorating the graves with dandelions.We stopped by Cherokee Dam, where my parents spent many afternoons picnicking as kids.Esther and Robert run along the ridge created by the dam.Esther above the dam.
CC goes for a walk with Granny and Papaw.Finally, we drove by my parents' childhood homes.
The barn that my grandfather built on the farm where my dad grew up. They used to dry tobacco there.Kittens live in the loft. They always have.
The other side of the barn.Dad's home from the time he was 13 until my grandmother moved out. The original farmhouse burned in 1959.This old house used to be the country store. The community mill, now turned into a home.
The grammar school that mom and dad attended- they met there in 5th grade.
Tennesseans in training. :)
Esther makes banana pudding.Delicious.

Papaw on a nature walk at dusk.

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  1. Wow, amazing. How fun for the kids to have such proximity to their roots.


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