Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Break: Day 1

We usually leave the house at 8:30 to take the kids to school. Today we headed for the YMCA. We played b-ball in the gym there. Robert is developing a nice overhand shot, Esther is learning to dribble and CC practiced walking ALL OVER the gym. Once she was at the playcenter she wouldn't walk anymore. She does it when we are all around- but not around other people! Elusive CC.
Back at home we played outside despite the cold weather. While looking for branches to transform into an Easter egg tree we wandered over to Wilma's house. Three of her grandkids are spending spring break with her. Carmen joined us to make our tree. Sorry I cut off your head Carmen!

Robert loves throwing the football or frisbee with me lately. I love it too. CC is busy bopping all around the house now but still comes to cuddle with me when she gets tired. Esther takes special pride in planning her wardrobe complete with accessories. She is also our family alarm clock. If she is waking in the morning, it is 6am exactly.

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