Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday-out of the blocks

After a whirlwind weekend (tornado included- about which I will blog soon), Monday arrived. The driving begins again. And today, in the rain. As we listened to the radio Esther looked out her window and noted, "Look mom, even the water is moving to the music."
Wherever I looked today I found blocked ways. I hardly made it home this morning with CC due to a huge limb suspended across Sylvan avenue between the power lines. I drove under it like I would drive under a bridge! My morning routine got blocked due to a power outage and about half an hour in the dark basement planning tornado survival strategies. I hit a mental caution block when all of the traffic lights were out on Ponce this afternoon. The portion of S. Candler drive where Hirsch academy sits was completely blocked due to 2 separate fallen trees. I had to leave the van in Winnona Park, get the girls out and walk to Hirsch to pick up Robert! When we got to the YMCA after a circuitous route, the stairs were blocked. No matter, I took the elevator but the door to the wellness center was blocked! Did I mention that Esther didn't have ballet class tonight but noone told us? Block.
Finding alternative routes (literal and figurative) requires multitudes of energy and flexibility. That requires deep breathing and now, some sleep. Let nothing stand in my way!

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