Thursday, April 23, 2009


As I was warming up in the car, "Mom, don't sing like that. It hurts my ears and it hurts my FEELINGS!"- Esther

"Look Esther! There's a camper. When we grow up and get married, we'll live in a camper, okay?"-Robert

Upon losing tooth #3- "I hope the tooth fairy brings me 1000 dollars. But not in quarters, in strips, like a thousand strips you know?"- Robert

While observing some teenage guys in the parking lot at the YMCA,
"Wow- those guys are cool."-Robert
"How do you know?"- me
"Because they have baseball hats and their pants are really low down. They look cool."- Robert
"But Robert, you aren't dark. You can't be like them."-Esther
"That's okay, I can be cool, even though I am not dark."- Robert

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