Wednesday, October 29, 2008

our Baby, new baby boy, brownies, bake sale, blowout, Beth gave birth to another boy

CC has a peaceful afternoon nap while her brother and sister are away.

Mom and dad graciously took Robert and Esther for another overnight last Friday, leaving us with CC. How simple one baby seems now (it did NOT seem simple when I had my first)! Rob made a lovely coq au vin for dinner with Karla and John. The Kosars came over without their kids, we didn't have ours and man-the conversation flowed so easily with no interruptions! The one flaw of the evening: I didn't take any photos. On Saturday I communed with Click and Clack, then Peter Segel (sp?) on NPR in the a.m. CC and I had a fun music class (she bounces up and down on her bottom the WHOLE time :) and came home to hang with dad. In the afternoon we drove to Canton to have dinner and pick up Robert and Esther. We had a yummy dinner there and drove our exhausted progeny home. THANK YOU mom and dad for giving the kids such a fun Saturday! Sunday I found out that Courtney (friend of our from choir) had her baby. Congratulations Brian and Courtney on the birth of Charles Paschual. Major thumbs up on the name.
That evening the Frilingos joined us for an impromptu dinner with beef stew and homemade bread in tow.
Esther, Robert and Paul Frilingos Look at how Beth is glowing while holding two babies- Mine and hers (on the inside). Life keeps moving-Jack Frilingos arrived today at 3:45pm! Congratulations Beth and Tim! I guess it's okay that I couldn't find that winter maternity coat. . .
Just as Jack was being born, CC blessed our family with an amazing blowout that went everywhere sending me home with Robert to get her some clean clothes and a bath.
CC and Robert, post-bath
Oh yeah- I made some brownies for a bake sale at the Fall Fling at Esther's school. How amazingly dorky and mom-ish is that? I had to type it to believe it- plus it lended some fun alliteration to the title.


  1. Feel free to keep looking for that maternity coat. :)

  2. So I was going to make this obnoxious comment about how isn't nice that when the kosars come to dinner rob cooks, but when the frilingos's come for dinner tim cooks (unacknowledged in the post), but i can't be obnoxious when it sounds like noelle just admitted to being with child.

    The hits just keep coming on this blog. . .



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