Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mom, how many days until Halloween?

Robert and Esther spent Friday night and Saturday (at the apple festival in Ellijay- send pictures please!) with mom and dad. Friday night Rob and I prepped the house for an open house the next day. Saturday Rob sang in Decatur all day at a Diocesan Choral Festival with Gerre Hancock, his choirmaster from St. Thomas days.
That left CC and me at home all day just the two of us-baby magic. In the afternoon we cuddled on the hammock. Ahhhhhhh.

I met up with Rob and Gerre and other choir members for dinner at Cafe Lily. Finally, I got to meet Brad and Amy Hughley's beautiful daughter, Catherine.
Sunday morning Robert sang the 9am prelude with the All Saints' Cherub choir. Mrs. Kimmell preps the kids before the service.Robert, we were very proud of how you sang with the choir. Great job! It is apparent that you enjoy choir- rehearsal AND performance. :)
Rob and me in the church courtyard on Sunday, holding hands.

Tonight I helped Robert with his homework - what a big kid!

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  1. Robert looks so intent. Did he pose for this photo or just allow you to catch him in deep thought?


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