Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mama 101

Wake up. Get ready for work. Esther has a fever. Her cought is croupy. Call Meredith to sub. Get doctors appt. ASAP. Meet Lindsay (nanny) at work to hand off the baby, but not to work. Take Robert to school at Hirsch (Decatur). Back to Cleveland Ave. for Esther's appt. at 9:15. Leave office at 11- just allergies Thanks be to God. Explain allergies to Esther on the way to Old Navy (Camp Creek). Find jeans for me (not easy) and Esther (easy). Call Lindsay. Relieve her early by driving to her house, in the Highlands by 12:30. Get baby. Esther falls asleep in the car. Drive through Chick-fil-a in Decatur on the way to Hirsch. The smell of chicken awakens Esther. Robert has hiked with Learning on the Log all day in the rain. He is soaking, but not freaked out about it. Drive to REI at perimeter to meet with Granny. Granny takes older 2 kids for the night and Saturday. Back to EP with the babe for a well-deserved nap.

I realize that many many people have days crazier than my day yesterday. I describe the above to illustrate a skill that should be taught during pre-natal visits or in parenting 101 classes. Flexibility and agility are a requirement for parenthood- as agile as a boxer, as flexible as a yogi I wish I was! A great sense of direction and/or GPS wouldn't hurt either. Any thoughts?

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