Monday, July 21, 2008

What happened

This is definitely the longest I have gone without posting. Bummer for me.
On Monday I got some difficult news from the director of Robert and Esther's school. She informed me that they were not equipped to meet Robert's (sensory) needs next year. She called the day before they were going to start 3 weeks of camp there. Needless to say, they didn't go to camp and we find ourselves with no school plan for fall 2008. Her call was ill-timed to say the least. We would have been better served to learn this at the end of the school year!
Our school plan was the only thing keeping us in East Point in our house that we are rapidly outgrowing so. . . now we are going to find a school for Robert (special needs and all) and Esther. Then we will find a bigger house for us too. Our world feels upside down at the moment.

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  1. Sorry you got the rug pulled out from under you. What were they thinking in not telling you at the end of school!
    Mary Marvin


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