Sunday, July 6, 2008

Stephie love

How did I survive Rob's 10-day trip to Greece? Stephanie.

My sister-in-law stayed with us through thick and thin. And things got pretty thick there at the end. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts Stephie. It takes a very special person to live with 4 Burlingtons and live to tell about it. We miss you and love you. See you in Maine!

Robert stayed with my parents for a whole week by himself and went to VBS at their church. (thank you mom and dad for your help while Rob was away!) Esther attended VBS here in our neighborhood the very same week.

Esther in her classroom after the VBS luau that Jefferson Avenue Baptist Church threw midweek:

CC and Esther, "just the girls."the light was beautiful that night.On Thursday night Steph and I escaped to Midtown for dinner at the Globe. The weather was stunning, we sat outside and the live music wasn't too loud. Stephie's food was better chosen than mine.

Scallops and couscous.The heirloom tomato salad with basil sorbet was particularly summery:

We spent several days at the Y together, swimming and exercising. Sunday night the Hoares had all of us for dinner. The kids played really well with Ruthie. :) Thank you for a lovely evening Geoffrey and Sage! I have never had ice cream drizzled with olive oil and salt- fabulous.

Monday I had the perfect day planned. We drove to Serenbe to putz around the farm. We had fun, but the children didn't frolic for hours among the plants feeding sheep and chickens as I had hoped (where do I come up with these expectations?) We did cut flowers and get really hot.

Find the butterfly Robert is looking at:Find another butterfly. We had lunch at the Blue Daisy, caught a rainstorm on the way home and got a visit from Steph's fiancee's parents. Thanks for coming by to meet CC Mr and Mrs Daniels. See you at the wedding! Stephie, Esther and the Daniels: We had a great evening making pizza with Tim, Beth and Paul Frilingos. See the tiny little peaches from their peachtree? Thanks Tim and Beth!

Rob returned to our open arms on Wed, June 25. He has just now fully recovered from jet lag. On Thursday we said goodbye to Steph. Have you recovered Steph? xxoo

p.s. The Greece pilgrimmage that Rob led with 19 All Saints' youth has a separate blog. Check it out:

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