Thursday, July 31, 2008


In early July we had the Kosars (former neighbors in East Point) over to celebrate Karla and Rob's birthdays, 29 and 28 respectively. That night we asked John and Karla to be godparents to Cecilia. They accepted! Here are some shots:

The next weekend we ventured OTP for the whole weekend. We hung with mom, dad, Glo and Scott on Friday for Rob's b-day dinner-thanks guys!

On Saturday we drove to Woodstock to meet up with our friends, the Roys.

Heidi and Phil RoyHeidi Roy and Rob worked together at All Saints' a few years ago, they moved to Florida, and now they are back. We had a blast eating and drinking at their beautiful place. About halfway into the evening, we were talking about their daughters, Sophie (11) and Taylor (14). Did I get the ages right- I hope so! They are both avid swimmers. I asked if they happened to know a girl named Julia Treible (our old next door neighbor that I babysat when she was 2) who is a fantastic swimmer as well. They freaked out when I mentioned her name because Taylor Roy and Julia Treible are best friends! A few phone calls and about 1 1/2 hours later, Julia and two other friends were at the Roy's house for a reunion!

Me and Julia Treible-now 16.

Photo of all of us, taken by Robert

Speaking of next-door neighbors, our current next door neighbor, Wilma Panter, popped in this morning to check on us and see how the school search was going. She was just returning from her morning walk. Our family loves Wilma and John Panter. We share fresh grown produce, stories and sometimes, wine. I hesitated to even tell them about our inevitable move because we will miss them greatly.

Wilma and CC:

Finally, we entertained our neighbors, the Cronins, on Saturday night. Tim and Veronica were among the very first people we met here in Jefferson Park. Robert was one month old when I walked to their house for my first play group. Good times with friends!Sophie, Esther, Addie and RobertSophie flashing her Cronin eyes, with CC

Allow me to wax analytical for a moment. Why is that neighbors can form such strong bonds? Does being in close proximity force people to care for each other? No, close proximity can easily divide people as well. I remember my parents making a concerted effort as we grew up to be good neighbors- getting to know the people around us, offering help if we could, dumping excessive loads of home-grown vegetables into their unsuspecting arms and my mother, talking to everyone. Guess what- I find myself doing the same things, including peddling dad's vegetables.

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