Saturday, October 23, 2010

A trip to Rhode Island

The Burlington kids love to travel- especially on a plane! My father-in-law, Big Daddy to me, gave us a wonderful reason to do so- he retired from the priesthood on 10-10-10. We celebrated his service, my niece Rebecca's 5th birthday and our 10th wedding anniversary. And we just had a lot of fun.
CC and Esther with their growing cousin, Laurence.
My very generous in-laws sent Rob and me to the Hotel Providence on our anniversary. The view of Grace Cathedral from our room:
In the hotel lobby next to massive jade sculpture that I loved.
We enjoyed a LOVELY dinner at Chez Paschal so much that we tracked down the food cart run by the same folks and bought lunch there the next day. :) I love a good food hunt.
So does Rob.
Rebecca celebrated her birthday at Chuck E. Cheese. Really people, how do they grow so fast?

Uncle Dickie, in town for the party weekend, Stephie and Laurence.
Esther models her new boots later at Tante Jen's house.
Now, what can I say about the fabulicious, glorious and heartfelt send-off tribute that St. Luke's gave Big Daddy? Well, let's start with the red beads that everyone wore for the service. Ron Clement models here:
One of many many gifts, a quilt inlaid with photographs from BD's tenure.
Quilt detail.

BD and LM listen to a musical blessing.

Viewing a bound album of their lives, another gift.
A signed framed photo. Did I mention the gifts?

Following his formal retirement service, there was a reception at the parish hall. And then, lunch at the club. I think St. Luke's loves BD and LM.
Rob and Meghan at lunch.

Jen and Rebecca.

Looking dapper in his Austrian jacket, the man of the hour.
Esther drew a picture of 'Esther airlines' for the pilots on our return trip. I think they liked it.
Other trip highlights: we finally got to see Stephie and Larry's house in Walpole where they have done an extensive and beautiful renovation. I LOVED their light-filled and well-organized place so much that I threatened to move in. Also we rented a car for the weekend which turned out to be a guilty pleasure- a red Chevy Suburban. Wow. That puppy was huge. I could get used to driving around with that much space- enough room for 9 people! And a huge trunk! I am starting to gush. . .

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