Wednesday, October 6, 2010

seeing red

Red has been the color of the month for the Burlingtons. First, Robert and Esther's school, the Main Street Academy, held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the birthday of their brand new school. Everyone was encouraged to wear red. Robert represented the second grade by reading about one of the core values of their school, courage. Watch it here:

He did a great job- way to go Robert!
Here he is with classmates at the ceremony.
Below, a drum circle of students played before the festivities began.

Here is Esther with her classmate, Emani.
Later Esther and CC were cuddling in the big yellow chair. Why this picture on this post? Because CC is wearing red shoes, you just can't see them. :)
All Saints' choir recently performed a Broadway revue entitled Love Among the Saints. As you can see, the performers wore red.
The revue was a blast with top notch performances by members of the choir. I loved listening to all of the solos, duets, and trios. I also loved doing some singing of my own. :) I sang 'Til there was you from The Music Man and Rob joined me on the last verse. Sweet.
Another VERY IMPORTANT post about red is coming soon. You see, my brother-in-law, JP, got married this summer. The color of the wedding was red. Naturally, an event of such magnitude deserves a post of its own. Coming soon. . . .

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  1. To start something new does take a lot of courage! Way to go Robert! And Esther and CC! And mommy and daddy too!


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