Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Team Yardi goes undefeated!

Robert had a great first season of soccer this fall. Here he is with his coaches: Winston, V and Coach Green. Also pictured: his teammate, Jay. The whole team.Getting ready to play.
Esther and Granny cuddled on the sideline.
CC too.
Robert covers a throw in.

He defends the goal.

Getting ready to kick.

At the goal.
I had a good time watching the team this year. Still can't believe that kid is SEVEN.
We had a date night together last week. After school we went to Sensations Therafun (http://www.sensationstherafun.com/) where we played, rode a zip line, and rode bikes.
Then we had dinner at Moe's. Just before going into the restaurant Robert grabbed me for a huge hug. I asked what it was for and he said, " I just love our date Mom!" I love you too kid. And I will be the only lady that you go out on dates with okay?

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  1. I appreciate the oppertunity to coach robert and the other children on the yardi team, it was fun! i pray sports continue to be a part of roberts life, it does a body great!!!! lol. Happy holidays robert and family.


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