Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A night with Mia, Che and Pippa Miller

The Friday before T-giving (so behind on the blog!!) I drove with the girls to Aiken, SC to meet up with Rob (already there for a conference) and galzinbrad girlfriend, Mia Miller. We lunched at the yummy Magnolia Natural Market. Super fresh and yummy food! This place is also a health food store where I bought some supermommy supplement juice. It tastes terrible but it makes me more energetic and nicer!Mia gave us a custom personalized tour of Aiken. Man, that's a classy town. Ritzy food markets, kitchen stores and an amazing coffee shop, New Moon. They were just cooling some freshly roasted beans - I had to snap a pic! Can you see the steam??We made a stop where she works, at the Aiken Steeplechase. Look at this quaint little office situated next to a training track and woods. Seriously folks, if you are looking for a getaway from Atlanta- take a day trip to Aiken! That goes especially for Mike, Leslie, Katherine and Jane (Aiken).
CC kept warm in her coat and hat made by granny. She didn't seem to mind having one eye blocked. Precious.Pippa and Esther hit it off pretty fast after Pippa woke up from her nap. The girls dined on hot dogs and macaroni, an Aiken classic.Beautiful bubbly babies.After bedtime the adults feasted on yummy pasta with sausage, olives and sundried tomatoes. Thanks for dinner guys!The next morning was pretty chilly-cuddle time in the playroom!
Mia and Pippa -morning love.

Pippa shares a bucket with CC.
Esther and Pippa- bucket.

Che, Pippa and CC-bucket.
Marvelous Mia with my baby.

We had a great time with the Millers- thanks for hosting 4 Burlingtons! Mia, I ALWAYS wanted to hang out with you in college and I (11) years later, I still do. I love you! Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us. And tell Pippa- No more pulling hair.

CC knows how to pose.

me and CC in snow dress.

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