Wednesday, November 12, 2008

CC's day

Nonnie and Grampy came to Atlanta last Friday night to attend CC's baptism on Sunday.
Robert and Esther making cards in preparation for their arrival:

Big Daddy and CC get reacquainted.

Nonnie and a peaceful baby.
Sunday morning - before getting dressed at the last minute, so she could sleep!Nonnie dresses the babe, in her very own baptismal gown.Robert and Grampy hang out in the library before the service. My father-in-law did us the honor of baptizing all three of our kids. Thanks BD!The families at the All Saints' altar. Godmothers Pat Kiley and Karla Kosar with CC.Another family picture

Nonnie and the grandkids plus Oliver Kosar looking dapper.John, Karla and Oliver Kosar and CC.

Scott and Gloria Brown and Pat Kiley.Glo, Karla, me and mom. Chapel in the background.CC's baptismal banner- made lovingly by Pat Kiley. Thanks Pat!

Back at our house, Oliver and Esther snagged the best seats in the house.

Thanks for the yummy desserts Gloria and Karla!

How does Oliver wield that lightsaber so naturally?

The Browns.

Beautiful ladies- Pat and CC.
Robert feeds his sister later that night.

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