Monday, November 12, 2012

weekend without dad

Rob has been out of town so I tried to provide lots of fun things to do this weekend.  Burlington kids,"what was your favorite thing we did this weekend?"

RCBIII-  "My favorite thing was the library."  North County Regional
I took them to get their new cards at our beautiful and very nearby library:  North County Regional.  Our new library has an app.  I downloaded it before we even moved thanks to my library savvy sister-in-law, Megan.  

EEB- "The best thing I did this weekend was the couple 50 cartwheels I did outside.  Yep, for sure."

CCB-"My favorite thing is to go to the pool and play on the big playground that is wet.  But we can't do that now because it is too cold."

MOM- "My favorite thing was being with you guys."

Other highlights:
watching Arthur at A and B automotive after school.

mushroom pizza for mom

Breakfast by Esther on Saturday morning.

with place cards.

An attempt to get some free ice cream at Carolina Cones.  They close during the winter.  We came too late!! 

Maple color in Davidson

arugula with goat cheese, pecans and warm portabello for mom.

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  1. so good to SEE your weekend. Looks like lots of fun. Mom


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