Friday, September 9, 2011

Gordon Ramsay in the ATL!!


Gordon Ramsey Taping in Atlanta:

In order to see one of our favorite TV chefs in person, Rob, CC and I spent a few hours yesterday at Michon's in College Park to watch Gordon Ramsay host a wing eating contest taped for his show Kitchen Nightmares. Pause the above news clip at second number 20 to see CC in the middle of the crowd watching the (in her words) "chicken eating race."

CC waited very patiently twirling her dress for over one hour before we could go into the restaurant.
The line of celebrity seekers- note the movie star looking man in the sunglasses and navy shirt. I got his number!
Daddy CC bonding before the big moment.
I ended up having a lovely chat with this bad boy chef as he connected with his fans.
From my Facebook page-

OK. Here we go. After a wing eating contest at Michon's, Gordon Ramsey started working the crowd. He plopped down next to me at a table and asked my name. I introduced him to CC who was NOT interested in him. I assured him that she isn't allowed to watch his shows. But that we do. :) We were eating wings and I commented that they were a little messy, but good and that I didn't want to end up looking like Jeremy, who had a messy face from the eating contest, and he said "Oh dahling, you don't look a thing like Jeremy- you are far too glamorous!!" I asked him how old his kids were and what their names were. In short, we chatted. He made a huge point of waving at "Princess CC." After he left I caught up to him and requested a photo op. He obliged. In the picture I was commenting that I hoped I didn't have wings in my teeth. He checked and assured me that I was fine. :)

Despite numerous warnings from the TV crew NOT to photograph anything during our time inside the restaurant, Chef Ramsay graced me with this photo. Ahh. . . nothing like a yummy celebrity chef to make a girl feel young again. . . . .
Come to think of it- this is the second famous chef media moment in CC's three year old life. Back in 2008 this photo ran in the AJC-Helping cheer on Richard Blais in the audience at Home is 4-month-old Cecilia Burlington, sporting a Blais-like shark-fin hairstyle.

Where will she be spotted next?

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