Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Break 2011- Delray Beach with Granny and the kids

Spring break 2011 would not have been possible without two amazing women.
Woman #1- Santina Fortunato Novello, GG Tina to me and my kids. Great grandmother extraordinnaire, she has lived in Delray Beach for almost 30 years. This year, LM and BD bought a condo in her building so visiting her in Florida is a breeze now.
Except for the drive (14 hours on the way down). That's where amazing woman #2 comes in. She accompanied us on our trip and with her calming presence made the trip MUCH more pleasant. She is my mama- Sandra Haynes. So, with one trip, we fit in many hours of quality grandmother and great grandmother time. Also, we ate ice cream,
Wore pony tails,
Donned sunglasses,
Got some good squeezes,
Ate very very well,
Spent time outdoors,
Had a comfortable stay at 2070 Homewood Blvd,
Enjoyed the pool,

And explored the incredible Morikami Gardens.

The childrens' section of the gardens is UNBELIEVABLE! See Japanese classroom below. :)
Thank you to LM and BD for sharing your place with us. Thank you to GG Tina for wonderful food and company. And thank you mom for many hours of great conversation, laughter, enthusiasm and for putting up with me when I wouldn't stop the car. I won't do it again. I promise. :)

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