Friday, September 17, 2010

Things that have happened lately that don't fit into any blog on their own so I lumped them all together.

Last month I had the pleasure of spending the evening with several members of my dad's family that I haven't seen in about 20 years. Back l to r- Kathy, my second cousin, me, Karen, also a second cousin, Scott, Gloria, mom. Front l to r- My 1st cousins once removed, Bill and Barbara Brock, Esther, CC, Dad and Robert.
CC spends time with Rybolt Miller every week now that Erin and I have arranged a baby swap when we would normally need babysitters. They are very good friends.
Robert and Esther help dad with breading the fish, above.
Do you think that CC looks like Delaney Mitchell (on her dad's shoulders here) ? We do.
Dear mom, when you leave your make-up on the stairs I like to play with it.

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