Saturday, August 21, 2010

Galzinbrad 2010: weekend of luxuriating in good company while gazing at the NC mountain view

At the Martin cabin in Bat Cave, North Carolina one looks out at this.
I attempted to define Galzinbrad last year on the blog. This year, I'll try again. Galzinbrad: a group of fabulous ladies who happen to be Furman graduates, class of '95, beautifully complimented with the addition of one Brad Fugate. Say it with me. Gals and Brad. Galzinbrad.
We spent the weekend cooking, eating, chatting, loving on each other and even doing a little yoga. I am a bit surprised and amused how often diet and digestion were the topics of conversation. I guess we are really approaching the big 4-0. We went out in Black Mountain for lunch and my heirloom tomato, melon and arugula salad with mango dressing was picture perfect (above). Brad and I were picture perfect too:) (below).
Dear Galzinbrad- thanks for remaining my friends for almost 20 years. You inspire me!

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