Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter takes a lot of time for anyone in the All Saints' Choir. Rob left our house at 5am and was done at 1pm. Therefore, I fed the kids and dressed them alone on Easter morn. I am proud to say, we had time to take some photos before church!
At church we saw the Kosars in their Easter finest :)
Rybolt and Erin Miller, dressed to the nines!

Back at home I insured that we had enough 2010 photos!
After rest time we drove to mom and dad's where Glo and Scott met us.
Esther and Scott.

Look what the bunny brought!
An egg hunt.
Haynes: the next generation.
Gloria's pride and joy: a magnificently crafted coconut cake. Glo, is there any left?

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