Saturday, January 9, 2010

Trip to Delray Beach: Part 3 (final)

On the last day of 2009 we departed from Delray Beach and said farewell to GG Tina. I am very very glad we got to visit her this year! The kids made great memories with her. They are quite blessed to really know their great-grandmother! Thank you to my parents for lending us their van for the trip and very special thanks to GG Tina's friend and neighbor, Martha Corso, who let our entire family stay in her beautiful apartment. Most importantly, thanks to GG Tina for welcoming us to Florida for the trip. We love you! We cut the trip home in half by stopping in Amelia Island to spend the night. The whole family feasted on fried fish and french fries for New Year's Eve.

CC liked the sink.

The view outside our room. . .
Happy New Year everyone!


  1. That video of Rob's G-Ma is precious, what a neat lady! Such a blessing for the kids and for her to have you guys visit. We need to get her and Angeline together, two amazing nonas with incredible sprit and longevity.

  2. Love the video. What a doll! How old is she?


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