Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Journey to Maine: part one

Listmaking has become and essential step for planning a trip. It feels great to have everything crossed off. The original list:

Our first stop: lunch at a rest stop in NC.
Our first destination was Lynchburg, VA where we stayed with the Mortemousque family for 3 days. Food, swimming, and lots of fabulous conversation. Merci beaucoup Mortemousques!!
On our second night there, Rob's 39th birthday, we dined at the home of Sandy and Ann McKenna.
Kelly, Rob and Kate McKenna on the front lawn. Sandy finishes up a game of croquet.The birthday cake. The beautiful McKenna back garden.
I love this picture- Kelly passes through a garden gate on the way downhill to the most magical playhouse in the whole universe. ever. Said playhouse. Kate got it from Santa Claus when she was a girl. LOVE IT.

I wanna play!
Inside, the kitchen.
At dinner, Kelly is inquisitive.
Kate and Rob.CC liked the booster, on the ground. Robert and Paul.
Sandy, Kelly, Ann, Kate and Rob.Mama and baby. Rob and the ladies. Thank you to the McKenna family for the birthday hospitality!! The next day we had a good old-fashioned mani/pedi party.
Wow. The lovely Kelly and Emma Mortemousque.
Emma and Esther a.k.a. cool teenage girl and the preschooler who idolizes her.

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