Wednesday, March 4, 2009

snow in the southland

It snowed a lot last Sunday. As Robert and I left church the flurries began. It proceeded to snow so hard that we had to postpone Esther's Pink and Purple b-day party. We still had a lot of fun!
Looking down good ole' Winburn Drive.

The snowman in our neighbors' front yard.
Our deck, photo by Robert.

Robert, looking from the inside to the outside.

Our little house, from across the street. Seriously, how cute is that house in the snow!?!?

Esther, not sure about soaking wet feet.

In the side yard.
Robert throws a bullseye- into his own bedroom window, with me standing inside. :)

With our neighbor, Samara, at her house.All the gear- soaking and dripping. How do moms in the north deal with this?
Looking across the street when it was really coming down.
Since the kids (and Rob) didn't have school on Monday, we went and looked at houses in the afternoon. We must have seen 20 snowmen remaining from the previous day. This one was definitely the biggest.

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