Monday, January 12, 2009

will you face the camera please?

After dropping Robert off at school on Thursday the girls and I stopped at Edgewood Kroger to get cookie ingredients. While there we noticed the camera equipment set up in the produce department. As we got ready to leave a Kroger representative approached us to see if we would be interviewed ON CAMERA about being a Kroger customer. Thus I found myself in front of the lights and camera being filmed and photographed perusing the apples.
After picking Robert up after school I took all of the kids to the YMCA. A rep at the front entrance informed me that they were interviewing moms for a book upstairs. They had snacks there. Robert and Esther came up with me while a woman asked me about how we get the kids to exercise and eat healthfully ON CAMERA. The kids got to chime in a little this time about what they like to eat, what we do for exercise etc.
I was filmed twice separately and spontaneously on Thursday. What are the chances? What are the chances that the avacado I fed CC that ended up on my shirt shows up on camera? Time will tell.

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