Wednesday, May 14, 2008

what have I been doing?

Last Saturday we got our first batch of CSA produce from Serenbe farms. We have enjoyed it all week. Especially amazing- the kale and collard greens Rob cooked up with turnips and golden raisins. Fruit of the earth amazing! See Esther with perfect radishes:
CC and I have had some nice love moments. :) On Tuesday Granny and I joined Robert's Robin class for a picnic in Grant Park. Esther came too:
We made bird mobiles: Robert had a good year at the Children's Garden, especially with his friend, (who also has SID) Harry. They are two peas in a pod. Today we made end of the year teacher gifts. I took Esther to buy supplies: sea salt, baking soda, lavender oil and cool containers. Can you guess the gift? Bath salts. Man, my kitchen smells awesome now. Thank you to TCG teachers: Sally, Lori, Elaine, Emily, Debby, Katherine, Heather and Michelle.

Here is a fun flashback- Esther with an Amstel Light at the Music Class party. She got it for her dad.

(at the picnic) Harry-"Is that your grandmother?"
Robert- "Yeah."
Harry- "What's her name?"
Robert- "Granny."
Harry- "Oh, hi Granny."

(singing) "Oh- God is busy, in his store."- Esther

"Tell CC that I really really love her."-Robert

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  1. We loved the radishes and yummy veggies. What a great idea to split the share this year!! Love your idea for teachers' gifts- I want the recipe!

    xxoo Glo


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