Monday, August 18, 2008

The summer ends, a new chapter begins

Today was the day- Robert's first official day of kindergarten at Hirsch Academy. We all awoke with butterflies and excitement. I remembered the camera, the lunch, my phone, the gym cards (for after the drop off), the diaper bag, Robert's engine kit, the paperwork, Robert, Esther and CC. Phew. Now to rest, at 10:15pm. But first, some quotes:

While watching Michael Phelps win his 8th gold metal:

"Wow, he must really want to make his mom feel happy!"- Robert

After I asked how the first day of school went- "Well, I didn't break any of the rules or anything."-Robert

At dinner- "I felt happy today when I got to do a lot of fun things at Hirsch academy."-Robert

While watching the Olympic floor exercise finals-"That's Shawn, Shawn Johnson."- Esther

Finally, here is a video of my own Olympic hopefuls. They ran this race about 500 times before bed. Sweet dreams everybody.

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