Saturday, August 23, 2008

Roadtrip to see Galzinbrad

Good bye Maine- LM and Esther on the Sunset Road porch.
Galz-in-brad- n. Laurie Haynes Burlington's Furman girlfriends and Brad Fugate.
On August 8 Galzinbrad gathered at a gorgeous rental cabin in Blue Ridge, Georgia to celebrate our collective 35th birthdays. We talked, we hottubbed, we cooked, we ate, we drank, we played games, we talked, we laughed and yes, we cried. When the time came to leave Sunday morning, I didn't want to go home.
First, how did I get there? Great question. Being in Maine on vacation just before our weekend, I hitched a ride with Brad in Boston on Thursday morning. We cruised down the east coast for 2 days crankin' it roadtrip style.
1st leg.
2nd legThanks Brad for the great company, great driving and putting up with the breast pump. :) I have to give major props to Brad's Saab, Nina. You got us there girl!
Brad and Nina at the end of our journey.
At the onset.Lunch in New Jersey.
Gorgeous skies somewhere.Creepy rainy skies in Pennsylvania. We saw a tornado touch down near here!Evening skies in Virginia.
On Thursday night we pulled into Roanoke, VA to spend the night at the Burnett house. Michelle Burnett was already gone on her way to Galzinbrad weekend but we did get to see Stella, Thom and Thom's mom, Edie. Thanks for the hospitality Burnetts and the rockin eggs on Friday morning Thom!
Edie had gone school supply shopping that day and all the school supplies were sitting out for the Burnett girls.
Stella on Friday morning. Edie and Thom trying to get the computer to work in the a.m. Now for some shots from our weekend:
The beautiful kitchen at the cabin.

Peach infused wine.

Brad playing Scattergories.
Candle lit outdoor table. Mia preps dinner.

The view from my room on Friday morning.

The porch in my room!
Mystery photo: see end of blog for answer.
Lovely table.

Loft at our cabin.

Mia driving home. Ellie. Michelle, Brad and Becca.

Brad and napkin.

More candles. Cheers.

I miss you ladies!
Mystery photo above: Michelle's vegeterian chili. Yum.

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