Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

This year we invited the family over to our house for brunch after church. Rob and I cooked. Note: I changed into my cute apron (above) after most of the cooking was done. How southern is that?
CC and Esther ended up in a Gloria and Scott sandwich. Almost good enough to eat.
Granny, my mom, who can do ANYTHING. Need something fixed, sewn, planned, cooked, found, polished, put together, put to bed or read to? She can do it!
Sandra and her girls.
I insisted on quiche for brunch. Left: Leek, ham and three cheese quiche. Right: yellow squash and mozzarella quiche.
Pretty in the sun.
What I really liked about this Mother's Day: flowers, flowers, flowers in every room!

Thank you mom, dad, Glo, Scott, Rob, Robert, Esther and CC for a great day!

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