Sunday, January 10, 2010

Delray Beach- Part Four (the lost photos)

One morning we took the kids to "downtown" Delray Beach. It is a beautiful and elegant area teeming with people, shops and decorations! Love this juxtaposition!!

100' Christmas tree on the town square.Inside, looking up.
Christmas displays are inside!
A mini train station inside the tree!

Here is the entrance to GG Tina's condo building. Look at the sun on that Florida flora!GG Tina took us to dinner on two different evening. Robert took great pride in walking down to "pick her up" and escorting her to dinner. Poppy Paul would be proud!!At Duffy's, a local sports bar, they had a balloon artist!
Thank you GG Tina for a fun time eating, playing, talking and loving. We love you!

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