Thursday, June 11, 2009

Exploring Atlanta

What's the addage? One never visits amazing things in their own city, until one goes with someone who is visiting.

Mystery Photo: Where did I FINALLY go on Tuesday?With this crowd: Robert, Glo (holding CC), Uncle Ken, Aunt Mary (sister to my dad), Sandra and Larry.Here's a great clue!Answer: The Georgia Aquarium. CC takes a rest.

Uncle Ken and Aunt Mary- I loved spending time with you. Thanks for spending time with the whole family. We love you.

I forgot the stroller so CC got a lot of cuddle time with Gloria. :)

And me.
Under the aquarium tube.

Esther looks on.

Robert photographed the seahorses:

Dad, still too cool after all these years.
CC, photo by Esther.self-portrait
Robert, by Esther.
We had a lovely dinner with the Mitchell family and Anna Baker that night. Why didn't I get a picture of the grown-ups?
YUM. p.s. thank you Mitchell for the yummy dinner- it was great to catch up with all of you and Anna!!

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