Sunday, May 25, 2008

Reflections from the Haynes compound

Esther loves CC.

Quiet surrounds me this morning. I am in Cherokee county at my parents' house. Ah. My mom, sister and I set this weekend aside for a mini girls weekend. Gloria ditched us yesterday to catch Eurovision (I don't get it-ask her) last night. Mom and I have been talking about her ever since. Ha! Actually, I have been sleeping as much as possible up here. Ah again.
The week in review:
We joined the YMCA on pryor street on Tuesday. I dragged the kids there- plunked them in child care, got a look around and made the executive decision to join then and there. You see, the facility is one year young with amenities galore. Can you say free babysitting? Feel how it rolls off the tongue? The building itself is LEED certified- ULTRA GREEN in plainspeak. So, if you are looking for the Burlingtons this summer, you will find us there. On Wednesday the lovely Anna Kimmel kept Esther and Robert while CC and I spent the morning together. I got a haircut at BLee Salon in Hapeville. I had to take pix of the renovated gas station space cuz it's so open and airy. I will post those later.

We lunched at Cafe on the Corner in Hapeville. cafe has a cult following. People stand in line for 10 minutes or more without a complaint. You see, 17 years ago a French woman opened the place and insisted on making every piece of food with love and care. Majorly delicious. I had the mango salad with herbed goat cheese and blackberry vinaigrette. Let's face it folks, nothing is more delicious than a good ripe piece of fruit. (comments welcome).
When I got back to Winburn drive, I found big happy chalk drawings of the kids and Anna on the driveway. Crayon drawings (Anna on the cross, by Robert) and sweaty kids met me inside. That's good stuff. Thanks Anna for keeping the kids occupied!

Gloria graced us with her presence on Thursday morning and took us to the Botanical Gardens (according to Esther, 'tantikal gardens'). 'Sculpture in Motion' is the current exhibit.Wow- the kids were keen on finding every sculpture and then watching how they move. Esther busted her knees twice while trying to run in flip-flops. After that, she wanted me to carry her. Ever held a three year old for approximately 1/2 mile? Robert imitated the sculptures moving: will post video here.
We jetted over to Virginia-Highlands for lunch at Belly with Anna B where we finally got to give her her graduation present:
I like the concept/atmosphere of Belly, but the breads were bland. Isn't that their hallmark- the baked goods? Even the cupcakes which looked soooo delectable had very little flavor. Karla Kosar, fan of Belly, what am I missing?

Thursday evening we joined 40 youth teachers/volunteers from All Saints' at The Globe for a thank you party hosted by Rob. The party took place outside under trees with live music audible, but not too close. Lots of fun. Adults who are dedicated to the youth ministry at All Saints':
After the party we grabbed some dinner at Baraonda with the Frilingos' and Aikens. Mario was there so we got free tiramisu after dinner. I can't complain about that!
That sums up the week. I will comment on girls weekend soon! I am blogging remotely, thus the small photo images. I hope to correct that. . .

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